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Utilizing specialized actuarial and sourcing skills to create greater risk-adjusted returns in an uncorrelated asset class.

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Utilizing our actuarial, insurance, and proprietary sourcing channels we’re able to provide retail investors access to uncorrelated cashflows that can provide higher risk -adjusted returns and greater portfolio diversification in an era of low bond yields and volatile equity markets.

We’re skilled in managing mortality and insurance risk-which saves you from having to worry about managing market and interest rate risk.

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While life settlements are a great asset class for investors looking for both the stability and limited volatility of fixed income and the higher returns of equity classes, it’s important to note that not all life settlement asset managers and investment opportunities are the same. Some have extensive experience and qualifications and others merely excel in selling clients on a good idea.

The Colva Capital team brings decades of life settlements experience to the table, and can help you get the most out of your investment.